Graduation, TN Aquarium, Homecoming Theme Released

2009Last Saturday was definitely exhilarating as we welcome over 300 new alumni at the 167th Commencement of Cumberland University.  Although the weather did not quite cooperate, it was still a joyous experience to see so many graduates walk across that stage with their families cheering them on loudly.  It was also quite an honor to see Curly Putman presented with an honorary doctorate for his amazing career in the music industry.  Troy Tomlinson, Sony/ATV Music Nashville President and CEO, also offered some wise words to our graduates.

TN Aquarium

Along with welcoming our new alumni, we would also like to announce a fun and exciting trip to the Tennessee Aquarium this summer.  On July 25, 2009, alumni, family, & friends of CU are invited to take a day trip to Chattanooga to experience the Tennessee Aquarium.  The aquarium has just opened a new gallery featuring the meshing of art and jellyfish named Jellies: Living Art.  For those of you that have not been there in a couple years, they also have a penguin exhibit that opened last year and a new Ocean Journey exhibit that opened a few years ago.  For more information and for ticket info click here.

Lastly, we are very excited to announce our Homecoming 2009 theme and we hope it’s something that our alumni, the community, and the student body can really get pumped about…

“Honor the Past, Live for the Future: A Journey Through the Decades”

This year’s theme will truly incorporate everything that CU is about.  Never forget where we came from, but always remember to strive for better and push for the future.  We sure hope to see you here on campus during Homecoming week 2009, October 5-10.  More details will follow including our golf tournament on October 5th at Five Oaks Golf & Country Club and our Reception the night of October 9th.