New Facilities for our Students

Ribbon CuttingLast Friday, October 23, 2009, we hosted our Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting ceremony for our new facilities at Phoenix Place.  These new facilities are now home to multiple fine arts areas as well as the new athletic training facility.

It was exciting to see the over 100 visitors come to see the new digs at CU.  The new Fine Arts facilities offer plenty of space for all types of art, including but not limited to: painting, photography, wood-working, sculpture, glassblowing, and more!  There is also a brand new space for the CU Band of the Phoenix to rehearse with high ceilings and better acoustics. View pictures.Art

The new athletic training facilities offer new equipment and plenty of room for our students to train.  Not only is this important for our students but also for recruitment as the new facilities offer more than we have ever had in the past. View Pictures.


These are exciting times at CU as we continue to grow, so make sure to visit campus sometime and we’ll make sure you can see what’s new at CU.

Below is a video of the new facilities courtesy of CU alumnus Brian Harville of

YouTube Preview Image
  • Great new facilities! I always thought Cumberland would be a nice school to attend. I like Lebanon Tennessee.