CU Around the World – Janis Ivanovksis (’06)

Janis lives in Melbourne, Australia and enjoys surfing anytime he can.

What was your favorite Cumberland moment?

While I spent four years at Cumberland, there were a lot of interesting and fun experiences and moments. Reflecting back on it now, I must go with the graduation ceremony. It is something that will always stay with you forever and that you are able to look back on and feel a sense of accomplishment while sharing it with the rest of the graduates.

Why do you support CU?

I was given an opportunity to attend Cumberland on a full athletic scholarship for the men’s varsity basketball team. It’s not something that everyone gets to do, and now that I have graduated, I want to give back to Cumberland and contribute in whatever capacity I can. My years at Cumberland have allowed me to get to where I am right now in my life personally and professionally.

What is your favorite Cumberland tradition?

There are quite a lot of activities and events going on throughout the year. Being from Latvia, the event that stands out the most to me is the International Day, during which all international students get together and share their unique stories and experiences.

What makes you most proud to be a Cumberland alumnus?

A sense of belonging to a community that is there to support you not only through the years as a student, but also after you have graduated. A sense of being able to reach out to your fellow classmates, other students, teammates, coaches, and faculty since Cumberland will always be something that we have in common.